The History of Kuils River Primary

In 1906, a piece of land in the shape of a triangle was donated by Jacob J. Hamman. A building, built with wood and sink, was erected consisting of an entrance hall of 2 x 1.5m, a hall of approximately 14 x 7m and a  “konsistorie” as big as the entrance hall was developed. For two years it was initially used as a church.

In 1908, during a church council meeting (Rynse Gemeente, Sarepta), it was decided that the building should be used as a school building. This very building was situated where Palm Tree Villas (Van Riebeeck Road) are  today, and was called “Die Hoogte”. The first teacher and principal was Sarah Fredericks, who was a teacher at Sarepta Primary. In 1908 there were 41 learners and by June 1926 only 68 learners attended the school.

In January 1932, Mr. James Foster became the principal. The school, thereafter, continued to grow to the largest primary school in Kuils River and was also referred to as “Die Blikskooltjie”. In 1944 the old building was   replaced with a new building and occupied by the school on 28 October 1944. In 1951 it became the property of the then “Board of Education of Parow”. New classes were built in 1949 and by 1959 the school had 318   learners.In 1964, Mr. James Foster retired, after serving the community for 32 years as a principal.

In 1964, Mr. Albert Harry Nicholls became the principal. In 1966, the “Group Areas Act” affected the school and a bomb, of some sort, was thrown through a window and burnt down a large part of the building. The learners,  therefore, had to move to the old Sarepta School building of 1891 and also accomodated in the house of the minister, as well as the hall of the Calvinist Church.

These buildings were used until the building in Sarepta Road (1971) was built and the name of the school changed from “Kuilsrivier Laer Kleurlingskool” to Jan Bosman Primary, after an education inspector of that time.

In 1993 Mr. Nicholls retired after serving the community for 29 years and was followed by Mr. Paul Davis. One year later, Mr. Davis retired and Mr. John Alexander stepped in his footsteps.

Under the leadership of Mr. J. Alexander, the name of the school was reclaimed to Kuils River Primary School.  The motto of the school also changed from “Aim High” to “Grow to Greatness”.

Mr. Alexander retired in 2011 and Mr. P. A. du Plooy (an ex-learner of the school) became the principal in 2012.

Mr. du Plooy retired from the teaching profession in 2016 after 31 years, and was succeeded with the first female principal in 85 years in 2017, Mrs. Zondelia Lombard-Swartz. The school now also accommodates 1 344  learners, ranging from Grade R to Grade 7.

Kuils River Primary has now been blessed with a beautiful face brick building and with the help of all the educators, non- educators, a few parents (and a shopping trolley) we have physically moved from the old pre fab   building.

The official inauguration ceremony and celebration of 110 years was held in three-fold to create memories and to celebrate a rich history of the school:

  1. A special assembly with our learners on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 with the radio station, Heart FM Breakfast team.
  2. Official inauguration with the Minister of Education, Provincial Cabinet, Western Cape Government, Ms. Debbie Schafer on Friday, 23 February 2018.
  3. An assembly with members from the community (neighbours, ex learners, ex colleagues, stakeholders, e.g. police forum, etc.) on Sunday, 25 February 2018.

The 8th of September 2019, Kuils River Primary was saddened by the passing of their principal, Mrs Zondelia Lombard-Swartz, who fought a battle against breast cancer.  With 25 years service to the school, but especially in  her 3 year reign as principal, she accomplished much and instilled the values of FIRED UP (Faith, Integrity, Respect/Responsibility, Excellence, Diligence, Unity and Pride) to Growing to Greatness.

Mr Stanley Townsend became Acting Principal during the time of her illness and then after her passing till the end of 2018.  Mrs Hildegarde McCallum took over as Acting Principal at the start of 2019 till the appointment of the  Principal.  Both of the Acting Principals upheld the vision and mission as well as instilled the values of the school in each learner.